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Hi, all:

Yes - Debs, our good friend in the office at Snet, has no idea where the false info came from. Trevor?

Just to help things along, the Circuit Manager is Stuart Mills,(his first 24 Hour) the long standing Deputy Manager is Deborah Howard (lost count of 2CV 24 Hours). The BARC event manager is John Hutchison (also his first 24 Hour).

The CoC is Tony Weatherley, who has run the race for several years - his says that his new year priority every year is to book himself into our race.

Don't hesiate to pass the time of day with these people, plus all the marshals and officials and the circuit team. They are all part of the family that makes it the '2CV 24 Hour'.

And, important info, Debs tells me that Tyrrells will be open until 23.00 on the friday evening, while we celebrate the 'Graham Harper'Trophy.

Hi, all:

Viewing the live streaming from Pembrey

It seems that is no more in 2023. Here are the links needed to watch the live streaming:

Saturday | Stream starts at 12:30 -

Sunday  | Stream starts at 09:30 -

Saturday | Stream starts at 12:30 -

Sunday  | Stream starts at 09:30 -


Visitors to the Pembrey race meeting on May 20/21 can, for the first time, try a growing offshoot of traditional motor racing.

Sim racers use a full three-screen, racing seat, simulator set-up.

One of the simulators, designed and built by Mick Sutton of PASR, should be near the Pembrey Scrutineering Bay, all ready to go. Anyone can have a 10 minute session driving the simulated race-prepared Citroen 2CV round the challenging Pembrey circuit. It's £10 for 10 hectic minutes.

More at:

#4 Championship May 20/21    2023

Rounds 3, 4 & 5 Pembrey, near Llanelli
You can watch all three Citroen 2CV races live by going to on your device

Saturday 20th
Race 2     14.00     Round 3  15 minute Sprint
Race 6    16.35  Round 4  15 minute Sprint

Sunday 21st     
Race 15 15.50     Round 5   100 minute Enduro

There are 12 other races, including Trucks.

Go to for full race timetable, live race times and results.
Look for BARC, Pembrey
24h-Race / Re: 24 Hr Commentary
September 25, 2022, 17:37:00

Hi, all:

Edited shorts of the 24 Live Coverage

A Club volunteer has taken on the challenging task of editing the full 24 live coverage into initially a 10 minute and a 30 minute short.

No date yet, but a target is to have one ready for the Dinner Dance.

For sale / wanted / Re: Hens teeth
September 01, 2022, 09:24:43

Give me a call. 07973 303982

For sale / wanted / Re: Gala Party Tent 3m x 6m
August 31, 2022, 09:42:32
Hi, Andi:

It's yours. Call me to sort collection.

For sale / wanted / Gala Party Tent 3m x 6m
August 30, 2022, 22:26:51
We want to find a good home for a Gala Party Tent 3m x 6m.

It's pretty much complete. It needs what look like 6mm wing nuts and maybe some joiner pieces. We think Gala still stock parts.

Ideal for support at the 24 Hour.

It is in store in Birmingham near the Blues ground and it would be collection only. Free to anyone 2CV racing next year.

Call me on 07973 303982
24h-Race / Our thanks to you all
August 30, 2022, 22:19:53
Hi, all:

CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race 2022 

On behalf of all the 2CV Team LION team, I write to thank everyone involved in the race for making it a great sporting and social weekend. Drivers, crews, marshals, medics, safety car drivers, officials, the BARC team and the Snetterton staff. Plus the commentators and video crew. The race demonstrated 2CV and Mini Grande endurance racing at its very best.

Everyone in every team tries their hardest to get the best result and Lady Luck is very fickle in the way she works. That's racing. Last weekend, she smiled at us.

We'll see you at the Dinner Dance. And we'll be back racing next year and hope you all will be too - the Club needs the biggest grid ever for the 2023 24 Hour.

Best wishes, Martin


Hi, all:

On-Board Camera at SILVERSTONE

After the tech issues at Pembrey, working with, we are giving the idea of a live on-board camera another try at Silverstone this weekend.

Nick Crispin, of DD Motorsport, has offered to carry the camera and kit in 89. He's happy to face down the 'camera curse'.


Hi, Simon:

On-Board Camera at Pembrey ?

I'm writing here with my personal views as the current 'project leader' on live stream coverage.

As a Club we were one of the pioneers of live streaming of Club races, with coverage of the CITROEN 24 Hour Race starting some years ago. The general concept has now been widely adopted across the sport.

As a long established Championship with cars of character, we are very storied and there is a lot of informal interest. I heard recently that there were 40,000 views of the Pembrey coverage. If we are to grow in a very competitive environment, then that public exposure could help encourage new cars to the grid.

As a very long standing Williams F1 fan I fully understand your point about coverage of cars further down the field. But in all sports it's the leaders who generate most interest and get most coverage. That's just the way things are. And to maximise viewer interest, the on-board should be in a car which is likely to run towards the front of the field.

Although it has no direct influence on the directors' choice of camera images played out, each driver has to do their bit to promote their presence in the race. There was a note in the most recent Club eNewsletter asking each team to prepare and send their own Commentators Notes to both the circuit and the live-stream commentators. I'm told that very few did that.

As for the cost of the live on-board camera, the production company did everything to get it installed and working as agreed. Its failure to work was nothing at all to do with them. We have a good relationship with as they produce our 24 Hour coverage and they may be persuaded to carry it over to Silverstone.

Live stream coverage has lots of hidden costs, and in some areas we benefit from 'bulk buying' by BARC, who with also make it easy for the public to view the coverage.

On behalf of the Board I made the decision not to buy into coverage of the races at Donington last Autumn, and we got several complaints about that. Racers can be very hard to please!

Feel free to call me to discuss any ideas you may have which might help improve the coverage.

Races (not 24 hr) / Re: Pembrey 2022
May 11, 2022, 22:21:02

Hi, Nigel:

Sorry that you missed your Tunnock's Caramel. My fault - I simply forgot to hand them out. They are still in their box and I should have it at Silverstone to distribute there.

Something nice to look forward to.


Sadly, the live on-board camera on the Proetti car was working fine but the link to the transmitter unit fsied and we could not find another anywhere at the circuit. We'll try again at Silverstone.

Thanks to all those who helped.
Hi, Luca:

Please bring you Go-Pro with you to Pembrey. There is some tech query about getting some special connector into the camera and they vary in small ways. So having a few to chose from may help.


Hi, Luca:

I think that they assume many race cars now have cameras fitted. They supply the clever bit that gets the live signal from the canera to the production suite.

I'd guess that they have lots of experience in setting up cars and drivers to operate the system.

As I said, it is all an experiment on our part.