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Visitors to the Pembrey race meeting on May 20/21 can, for the first time, try a growing offshoot of traditional motor racing.

Sim racers use a full three-screen, racing seat, simulator set-up.

One of the simulators, designed and built by Mick Sutton of PASR, should be near the Pembrey Scrutineering Bay, all ready to go. Anyone can have a 10 minute session driving the simulated race-prepared Citroen 2CV round the challenging Pembrey circuit. It's £10 for 10 hectic minutes.

More at:

#2 Championship May 20/21    2023

Rounds 3, 4 & 5 Pembrey, near Llanelli
You can watch all three Citroen 2CV races live by going to on your device

Saturday 20th
Race 2     14.00     Round 3  15 minute Sprint
Race 6    16.35  Round 4  15 minute Sprint

Sunday 21st     
Race 15 15.50     Round 5   100 minute Enduro

There are 12 other races, including Trucks.

Go to for full race timetable, live race times and results.
Look for BARC, Pembrey
For sale / wanted / Gala Party Tent 3m x 6m
August 30, 2022, 22:26:51
We want to find a good home for a Gala Party Tent 3m x 6m.

It's pretty much complete. It needs what look like 6mm wing nuts and maybe some joiner pieces. We think Gala still stock parts.

Ideal for support at the 24 Hour.

It is in store in Birmingham near the Blues ground and it would be collection only. Free to anyone 2CV racing next year.

Call me on 07973 303982
24h-Race / Our thanks to you all
August 30, 2022, 22:19:53
Hi, all:

CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race 2022 

On behalf of all the 2CV Team LION team, I write to thank everyone involved in the race for making it a great sporting and social weekend. Drivers, crews, marshals, medics, safety car drivers, officials, the BARC team and the Snetterton staff. Plus the commentators and video crew. The race demonstrated 2CV and Mini Grande endurance racing at its very best.

Everyone in every team tries their hardest to get the best result and Lady Luck is very fickle in the way she works. That's racing. Last weekend, she smiled at us.

We'll see you at the Dinner Dance. And we'll be back racing next year and hope you all will be too - the Club needs the biggest grid ever for the 2023 24 Hour.

Best wishes, Martin

Races (not 24 hr) / On-Board Camera at Pembrey ?
April 29, 2022, 09:42:33


On-Board Camera at Pembrey ?

We have a technical offer from for them to fit a live transmission kit into a 2CV race car to send the signal from a suitable camera to the production desk. The car number and driver name could be in shot.

In this day of live streaming, it seems a good opportunity to trial an extension of the content going out from our two races at Pembrey. It is a marketing investment and the cost, around £350, would come out of the Club marketing budget.

This offer is all last-minute rush, rush, and the Board has not yet discussed the idea. It would mean the front running 10 or so cars putting their names into a draw. I know that some people are afraid of the camera curse.

I don't think that any car would gain an advantage by having the live camera in a sprint. The 24 Hour could be a different matter.

If anyone has a particular desire to be included in or to be excluded from the draw, please post a note here soonest please. It would be helpful to get this sorted during today.

With some responses, the Board can consider the proposal.


AUTOSPORT Feature: 'How to Build a CITROEN 2CV Racer'

In today's Autosport, February 10, there are five pages devoted to a feature on building a 2CV racer.

We will be able to make a PDF of the feature available for download, but for obvious commercial reasons, the publishers want us to hold that for a couple of weeks.


The Club board is pleased to publish a provisional schedule for the nine round Championship 2022

April 23/24        Cadwell Park       Rounds 1 & 2   2 x 15min

May 7/8            Pembrey             Rounds 3 & 4   2 x 20 min Trucks & Live streaming

June 4/5           Silverstone         Rounds 5 & 6  2 x 15 min  National, old pit lane

August 6/7        Croft                  Rounds 7 & 8  2 x 20 min

August 26-28    Snetterton          Round 9  CITROEN 2CV 24 Hour race  Live streaming

The BARC calendar is such that there were not too many options. The Croft meeting went from one day to two days and moved from late July to the August date this week.

The 20 minute races at Pembrey and Croft will make the longer drives more worthwhile.

BARC are still waiting on some costs from circuit owners before they can give us our costs. We will also be talking to them about split qualifying and some other details.

Hi, All:

Stickers on CITROEN Classic 2CV Race Cars

If you look carefully at the excellent pics on the front of the July Snail's Pace you will see at least four race cars with no '' sticker above the grille. If you read the regs, you will see that it is 'no sticker, no points'. Roy will be at Mallory and should have the stickers.

Our sponsors are very important to the Club, so please play fair.

I am pleased that Mintex Classic have come on board again. This is two stickers, one each side near the A panel. They are not compulsory but to carry them shows that we respect our sponsors. I will have about two per car at Mallory. Your car may have older ones which unfortunately fade rather badly so please replace them. 


Extra Passes for Mallory Park August 1

In case anyone wants extra passes for Mallory, the circuit have updated their website pass info.

The spectator pass will now allow access to the race paddock. They can be bought in advance or at the gate.
Hi, all:

CITROEN Weekend at Snetterton  / Update

According to Boris, July 19 should allow the lifting of the restriction on overnight camping by spectators at the 24 Hour weekend. MSV has to confirm that and we are in discussion with them. Hopefully it will also allow the lifting of the restriction on spectators accessing the paddock, which is ultimately MSUK's decision.

The travel rules between UK and EU remain very uncertain, thus also the plans of the five cars entered from France and Netherlands.

Any firm news will be placed here and on the event website,


NEWS ITEM -  Please spread this info far and wide:

Watch Championship 2CV Racing Live

For the 2021 racing season, the Club is pleased to bring you live stream coverage of 2CV Championship rounds 3 & 4 from Brands Hatch, rounds 5 & 6 from Pembrey and the 9th and final round, the CITROEN Classic 24 hour race from Snetterton.

June 6  Brands Hatch The two races will be at 13.30 and 16.15

June 18/19 Pembrey    Race timetable not yet published

August 27- 29 Snetterton CITROEN Classic 24 Hour starts 17.00 on the Saturday and finishes at 17.00 on the Sunday

Find the BARC.TV channel on You Tube at:

Get full race timetables and live timing at:

Races (not 24 hr) / Citroen Classics Gathering
March 26, 2021, 14:45:05

This new event will be staged on the in-field over the Citroen Classic 2CV 24 Hour weekend. A lot of the basic legwork is now done and we have the active support of Citroen, 2CVGB, CCC, Club Peugeot and others. We hope to have a local folk band on Friday and Saturday evenings who will be on a stage formed by a huge hospitality unit kindly offered by JSCC who run CITROEN Saxos for Junior race drivers.

MSV at Brands have been very supportive as have Jamie and his team at Snet. We are now finalising admission prices, which will be very reasonable, and ticketing. There will be discounts for cars accepted as show cars. Advance bookings should open during April

The event will focus on Citroen cars and vans, Classic and current. It is open to cars of all ages and types and camping will be free. Sadly, no dogs.

We are now at a stage when we are looking for volunteers to help with the many details of the event, prior and over the weekend. One task in particular is setting up and running FB and Instagram pages with content supplied. Another is to set up and run a data base of all the contacts relating to the event. There are lots of others. If you or anyone you know might be interested, ask them to send a note to the contact address below, saying what skills or interests you/they have and we will find jobs for all.

The general contact address is: [email protected]
'La Vie En Bleu' at PRESCOTT Speed Hillclimb on Sunday May 24 is a day largely devoted to French sporting cars of all kinds and ages. Prescott is the home of the Bugatti Owners Club, and is near Cheltenham, not too far off the M5.

This year, the competitions secretary, Martin Greenslade, 01242 673136, has invited 2CV Racing Club members to compete. My team has done it about three times in past years and it is truly a great value fun day out. The track itself is a great challenge, even at our speeds, and some very, very, classy cars will be there.

It is £160 to enter and a car can have two drivers (probably at extra cost) and I would advise everyone to also buy the £15 camping ticket whch gives you access to the Orchard. Martin G is looking for about 10 entries and so far has 5. Now is the time to submit your entry. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on 07973 303983. Martin

Home baked cakes for your team at Snetterton

A delightful young lady called Morgan lives near to Snet. She's the young daughter of someone I know there in the racing business. She is starting a home baked cakes business called Bakaholics UK. She is now taking orders for cakes which she will bake fresh and deliver to 24 Hour teams on the Saturday morning. Any flavours and tray bakes as well. Just imagine how popular they would be with the drivers and crew of your team - and not too expensive. £30 would buy a nice selection.

Contact Morgan NOW at: [email protected] or take a look at:

Seat in front running team available for 24 Hour

We have the fourth seat available in our second car, 79. Out of the box, with David O'Keeffe driving, at Mallory Park it got a 1st and two seconds. The other drivers are the very experienced Roy Eastwood, young hot shoe Patrick Mason and a Dutch guy who has lead the Classique class at Spa several times. The prep on the cars is lead by Pete Sparrow.

The team has been running in the 24 Hour for 20 years and has won 4 of the last 5. Last year we were punted off and rebuilt, twice - and still finished 5th! Experienced pit crew and well equipped garage. PM Martin Harrold, call 07973 3032 or email [email protected] If you want to take a look at the car, we'll be running as a demonstration car at Chateau Impney, M5 jct 5, this weekend.
I've just seen the great editorial feature on 2CV racing in the new edition of MotorSport magazine. It's really well written and Simon's comments and input are spot on. There is even a half-page ad for our racing. Well done to all those involved in setting it all up.
General Discussion / Club Newsletter / email listing
February 15, 2018, 21:16:05

We have now sent out January and February 2CV Racing Club email Newsletters. It looks like we have had a net total of 300+ members and friends open them, which is an encouraging number.

- If you have received them and opened them, thank you.
- We are using two lists, so if you have received two or three, then we may eventually sort it, but de-duplicating is not an easy task.
- If you have received them but have not opened them, it is quite safe to do so.
- If you have not received any of them, then go to the home page of this website and enter your email address.
- If you know of anyone who might like to receive it, then encourage them to fill in the box on the home page. There is no limit and no cost.

A key message in both is that 2018 Early Bird for the Sprint series and 24 Hour both close on March 1.


Our racing will be on BBC Top Gear

Some may know that BBC Top Gear staged a mock race for 2CV's at Croix back in July. Around 9 of our cars were involved. It will be shown as part of a programme feature celebrating 70 years of the 2CV.

Our mole at the Beeb has advised today that the transmission dates are still not set, but it should be in February / March.

If and when we get more accurate date info, we'll post it here.

General Discussion / Jon Davis
November 26, 2017, 18:10:04

Jon Davis

I have to convey the very sad news that Jon Davis died today. It is believed that he was travelling back from the Mettet Circuit in Belgium. He was in some discomfort and pulled into a service area on the M25. There he had a massive heart attack.

Jon has been a Club member for many years and was a friend to lots of us and known to many more. He was always his own man. He raced 2CV's on and off for many, many, years, most recently in this years Snet 24 Hour and at the Spa 24 Hour. An accountant by training, he had an amazing technical knowledge of all kinds of vehicles, including our Citroen 2CV's. His extended garden was a treasure trove of old vehicles of all kinds. Lately he had given big USA cars a go with several outings in racing versions of the Mustang and similar.

We have passed condolences to his neighbour and long time friend, Tiggy Reeve.

He will be much missed.


24h-Race / Liqui Moly 2CV 24 Hour Race, 2018
September 30, 2017, 16:57:15
Liqui Moly 2CV 24 Hour Race, 2018

The Classic 2CV Racing Club is pleased to announce that Liqui Moly were very pleased with the publicity that their brand achieved as title sponsors of the 24 Hour race in 2017.

As a result, hey have decided to continue their support for our unique 24 Hour race in 2018.

Take a fresh look at their amazing product range, including special lubricants for classic cars: