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Hello all. I trust you all got home safely and are recovering from another long weekend. Many congratulations to our 24 hour winners, new driver's champion and all those on the podium.  A great season with twists, turns, ups and downs.  Many thanks also have to go to those who have worked tirelessly to make this all happen.

Now that it's nearly September, it's time to start thinking about the dinner. 

I'll get the application forms out to you all next week but just a reminder for now about the date. 

General Discussion / New Track Limits rule
May 25, 2023, 18:23:25
The long awaited amended rule.

1. It is different from what it currently is and changes take effect on 1 June 2023.

2. It is not the same as the changes brought about in our recent enduro in the SRs.

I'll leave you to read it.