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It seems the Snell 2010 standard for helmets has been withdrawn for 2024, so check your helmets (and extinguishers, harnesses) are in spec and serviced. Don't leave it until the last minute!

This is a handy guide:

(Just noticed mine's a Snell 2010 so I'll be shopping for a new skid lid soon)
General Discussion / Re: What is so special
March 07, 2024, 11:07:22
Where are you seeing that, Paul?

EDIT: Never mind, I've spotted it.
This message was received by the club - can anyone help?

Hi there,
I am writing to ask if you would be able to put me in touch with a team, or a few teams that may be willing to help me gain some experience in the field of motorsport. I would love to help out and learn about car setup, and issue management. It would also provide a great opportunity to talk to drivers and learn from them as well.
I am a student, currently doing an integrated masters course in mechanical engineering at Southampton university, currently an active member in a formula student team. I am also in the process of getting my first racing license.
I apologize for wasting your time if this is not possible but would greatly appreciate it if this could be arranged.
Thank you for your time,

Contact [email protected]
Races (not 24 hr) / Re: 2024 Season
January 07, 2024, 18:46:07
Me :) I'll be bringing out both Muffin cars, I think for all the rounds!
From an email received by the club:

Hi, I have a complete 2cv ( B Reg ) the car runs but it's been a while since last started parts available.
These include new chassis , 2 spare engines, gearbox and
Many other parts.
I will send photos if any of you're members are interested.
 We want £ 2000 for the car and 2cv parts.
Contact: Jim Mount (jim.mount [at]
I have a feeling this is just a copy/paste job from some other final instructions.

Monday is a 'quiet day' at Snetterton (You can check here: so there's nothing running on that day which would force us to vacate the space behind the garages.
24h-Race / Testing sign-on
August 21, 2023, 14:03:26

All drivers must sign-on for testing, preferably before the Friday. Visit this link:
24h-Race / 2023 Race Programme
August 21, 2023, 10:23:56

The race programme for this year's 24 hour race has now been published. Please click here to download as a PDF.
Races (not 24 hr) / Re: 2024 hire drives
August 17, 2023, 12:56:28
Nick Townend is looking to do a couple of arrive-and-drive races in 2024 in a 2CV - he normally races a Mini in the 24hr.

If you can offer something, please contact Nick at nickjamestownend [at] gmail .com
Races (not 24 hr) / 2024 hire drives
August 17, 2023, 12:54:57
If you have a car you'd like to hire out for (sprint) races next year, please post details here.

Similarly, if you are looking for a drive, please also post here.
Races (not 24 hr) / Re: Oulton Park 2023
July 05, 2023, 12:58:54
Please also be aware that there will be a film crew from the TV show "Bangers and Cash: Restoring Classics" present at Oulton Park. They may be looking to do interviews and soundbites, so please don't run away!
Races (not 24 hr) / Re: Oulton Park 2023
July 05, 2023, 09:45:19

Please note: Our championship briefing will now be held at 08:55, in the media centre (race admin/control building). Scrutineering will be from 7am (also on Friday afternoon)
Races (not 24 hr) / Re: Oulton Park 2023
July 05, 2023, 09:33:11
It was pointed out that paid practice for 2CVs/CNC Heads/Track Attack was immediately before our qualifying sessions. I asked for this to be swapped with the Junior Saloons and it now has been - so there is now a timetable update:

Timetable V2:

Also finals have been updated -

Finals V3:

Finals may change again because I think the briefing times and scrutineering times mentioned are now wrong.