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2022 24hour race matchmaking

Started by Chris Yates, April 02, 2022, 20:13:54

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Chris Yates

Ethan Sparrow is looking for a 24hr drive. He's a complete 2cv racing novice although he owns a race car but has been doing track days and he's pretty good according to uncle Pete. He may be out in a race 2cv before then for a track day and has done a day at Snett. He has his licence but not loads of cash. He may be able to help with fabrication work as he builds aluminum bodied cars (from year dot to 1950s).

Max Wyer

 Hi there,

I spoke to a nice bloke called Greg at Pembrey who would like a drive for himself and his daughter in the 24hr.
He hasn't driven a 2CV before but has plenty of racing experience.
I believe his daughter is a novice as has just passed her ARDS,
I didn't get many details but I can put you in contact with him relatively easily.

My email is [email protected] (incase I don't get a notification from the forum)

;D ;D ;D

Chris Yates

Update: The above drivers are either spoken for or no longer available.

However, if you're needing an extra driver please reply here or get in touch with me directly - I have one more novice driver looking for a drive.(not any more)


Hi everybody, Alecs brother looking for a 24hr seat.


Still looking for a drive in the 24hr.

Chris Yates

The above drivers have now found seats with teams for this year's race.