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2022 Citroen 2CV 24 hour Race - final entry form

Started by Chris Yates, July 25, 2022, 15:39:57

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Chris Yates

Please find attached the final entry form for this year's race. *SAVE* the document first, then open it and complete it, and then save it again and sent it to [email protected] as an attachment.

Please ask your drivers if they are members of the racing club already. If they are not members, ask them to join online at - OR, if you want to pay for the membership of your drivers as part of the entry fee, please add £60 per driver to the total fee payable, and fill in their details in section 4.

Additionally make sure at least one driver is a member of BARC. There are weekend memberships available.

The next payment for the early bird scheme is the 1st of August. For most entrants, you have already paid £500, so the remainder is £1850.