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*Provisional* garage allocations

Started by Chris Yates, July 27, 2022, 18:16:51

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Chris Yates

See attached for picture, but basically:

1-22CV Team LionPork PieLion-Hansgrohe
3-4Orange FrogGreen FrogFrogettes
5-6Mini Frog (Mini)LeMans ClassicDutch Dyane
7-8Rosie Walford RacingTeam Twin Snails
9-10Blueberry MuffinsTartsReggie-Mental
11-12DD MotorsportSL RacingCarCaryl
13-14Not Fast But Furious (Mini)LA Motorsport (Mini)
15-16No Sleep Till Sunday (Mini)Mini-Uns (Mini)
17-18Toyshed (Mini)Misfits (Mini)
19-20Slarky Malarky (Mini)APO Sport (Mini)
21-22Hollis RacingIceni Racing
23-24Rilii RacingGadget Racing
25-26Rally RacersCrisis @ Tete RougeTeam ECAS

Please speak up if you violently disagree with any of the above.

Chris Yates

Revision 2:

1-2          2CV Team Lion      Pork Pie            Lion-Hansgrohe
3-4          Orange Frog      Green Frog         Frogettes
5-6          Mini Frog (Mini)      LeMans Classic
7-8          APO Sport      No Sleep Till Sunday
9-10        Slarky Malarky         LA Motorsport
11-12      Team Toyshed      Misfits   
13-14      Not Fast But Furious   Mini-Uns   
15-16      Car Caryl         DD Racing   
17-18      Muffins         Tarts               Reggie-Mental
19-20      SL Racing         Hollis Motorsport
21-22      Iceni Racing      Twin Snails         Rilii Racing
23-24      Gadget Racing      Rosie Walford Racing
25-26      Rally Racers      Crisis @ Tete Rouge      Team ECAS

Chris Yates

Revision 3:

[ Rally Racers and Gadget swap places ]

1-2          2CV Team Lion      Pork Pie            Lion-Hansgrohe
3-4          Orange Frog      Green Frog         Frogettes
5-6          Mini Frog (Mini)      LeMans Classic
7-8          APO Sport      No Sleep Till Sunday
9-10        Slarky Malarky         LA Motorsport
11-12      Team Toyshed      Misfits   
13-14      Not Fast But Furious   Mini-Uns   
15-16      Car Caryl         DD Racing   
17-18      Muffins         Tarts               Reggie-Mental
19-20      SL Racing         Hollis Motorsport
21-22      Iceni Racing      Twin Snails         Rilii Racing
23-24      Rally Racers      Rosie Walford Racing
25-26      Gadget Racing      Crisis @ Tete Rouge      Team ECAS

Chris Yates

Revision 4:

[ Twin Snails moved to garage 23/24 to leave extra space for Iceni. ]

1-2          2CV Team Lion      Pork Pie            Lion-Hansgrohe
3-4          Orange Frog      Green Frog         Frogettes
5-6          Mini Frog (Mini)      LeMans Classic
7-8          APO Sport      No Sleep Till Sunday
9-10        Slarky Malarky         LA Motorsport
11-12      Team Toyshed      Misfits  
13-14      Not Fast But Furious   Mini-Uns  
15-16      Car Caryl         DD Racing  
17-18      Muffins         Tarts               Reggie-Mental
19-20      SL Racing         Hollis Motorsport
21-22      Iceni Racing        Rilii Racing
23-24      Rally Racers      Rosie Walford Racing       Twin Snails
25-26      Gadget Racing      Crisis @ Tete Rouge      Team ECAS


Hi Chris,
I realise it must be a bit of a nightmare sorting out these garages, but I have to ponder over this last revision.
We are sharing with Paul 3 to a garage as Paul would really like all his cars in 1 garage.
That meant we would be in 24 with Rilli.
But because we have an attachment with no26 Paul and I have come to a deal.
Basically if he doesn't agree , his lot will starve!
But with the last garage allocation I have to question who's 24 hour race this is.
In 23 and 24 we now have 3 different teams, which will pose problems. But why not put 3 mini's in a double garage?????
That would release a garage to allow 2 teams to a garage for 2cv's.
Is it not our race???

Chris Yates

Most people who are sharing 3 to a garage requested it like that. Crisis, ecas and rally Racers suggested the 3 at the bottom, with gadget included.