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The paddock area should be vacated as soon as possible after the meeting Sunday

Started by Roy Eastwood, August 21, 2023, 13:41:54

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Roy Eastwood

Andrew Bull

Andrew Bull
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Chris Yates

I have a feeling this is just a copy/paste job from some other final instructions.

Monday is a 'quiet day' at Snetterton (You can check here: so there's nothing running on that day which would force us to vacate the space behind the garages.


Yes, I spotted that. Doesn't it just mean they turn the electricity off like usual? It may be worth asking I guess as it's a rather large spanner if it's real. (Sorry to the already overburdened organisers ☹️)

Trevor Williams

It is not a quiet day, the circuit has been hired for a private event (on the Tuesday and Wednesday as well)
Some days, it's REALLY difficult being me!

Roy Eastwood

Was concerned about this, so Martin Harrold has spoken with the circuit and we are welcome to stay overnight but MUST be away by mid-day Monday.

Martin Harrold

Hi, all:

Yes - Debs, our good friend in the office at Snet, has no idea where the false info came from. Trevor?

Just to help things along, the Circuit Manager is Stuart Mills,(his first 24 Hour) the long standing Deputy Manager is Deborah Howard (lost count of 2CV 24 Hours). The BARC event manager is John Hutchison (also his first 24 Hour).

The CoC is Tony Weatherley, who has run the race for several years - his says that his new year priority every year is to book himself into our race.

Don't hesiate to pass the time of day with these people, plus all the marshals and officials and the circuit team. They are all part of the family that makes it the '2CV 24 Hour'.

And, important info, Debs tells me that Tyrrells will be open until 23.00 on the friday evening, while we celebrate the 'Graham Harper'Trophy.

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