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2023 AGM Summary

Started by Maisie, December 19, 2023, 20:24:23

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Hi all,

Firstly, apologies for the lack of published minutes in the recent past. This is mainly due to sensitive discussions that the board did not want to enter the public domain while discussions were in progress.

Secondly, here follows a summary of the discussion at the 2023 AGM / roundup of where we are. Please take the time to read through:


Dear Members,

For those unable to attend the AGM, here is a summary of the proceedings and matters discussed:

Board members:
There were a number of board members stepping down at this AGM: Chris Yates, Martin Harrold, Lien Davies and Ainslie Bousfield. While Frieda Perry and Richard Gardiner have already attended some board meetings (and have now been formally voted in as board members), Andrew Bull has agreed to stand in as technical delegate for Lien Davies and David Rutherford has offered assistance with finances and treasury, we are in need of some additional help with the following whether as a fully-fledged board member or on a more informal basis, reporting to the board:

Company secretary
24hr coordination
Race organisation and entries
Race trophies

If you are interested in assisting with any of these roles, please do speak to the board.

Thanks to having consistently good grid sizes of 20+ cars, the sprint races have all made small surplus amounts, which goes some way to offsetting the modest loss made by the 24hr race. Our current account has approx. £17,000 and the savings account has £55,000, which may seem like healthy numbers, but are threatened by the BARC now requiring event fees up front some months before each event, which means the reserve needs to be accessed before race entries are received. Some thought will need to be given to moving the payment schedules for races forward in the year to ensure our cash flow is not adversely impacted.

Sprint and 24hr races:
We have 4 sprint races confirmed including the new venue of Lydden Hill. Dates have been communicated to the membership.
Regarding the 24hr race, we feel that BARC have not been overly diligent or proactive in finding series to fill the Saturday track time before our race. BARC have suggested that the cost of the 2024 24hr race is potentially going to be around £100,000, so if the Saturday remains unfilled, there is a threat that race entries per car might increase by up to £1,000.

The ideal solution of course would be for as many as possible 2CV race cars to enter the 24hr race. However, we understand there are challenges, not least finding mehanics and drivers for a full team, so we are looking into other ways to mitigate the costs to teams: for example inviting limited numbers of guest class cars from other championships, reaching out to other series to find takers for the Saturday track time, and reorganising the weekend schedule to lower our costs and/or make it more feasible to find takers for the rest of the weekend's time.

We have also begun to look into other race organisers such as the 750 Motor Club to see if we would be better served in terms of race dates (since we feel that BARC are, having already been given limited race dates by circuits, offering us a very small selection of events. This would be a big step and if agreed on would not be until the 2025 season.

Techical proposals:
TP1: Allow the removal of the redundant handbrake lever, cables, and gearbox mechanisms if not used. (Not Mandatory) - carried.

TP2: Allow the use of the Indicator holes in the front wings as alternative intake points for Brake Cooling ducts. No Protrusion forward of the hole is allowed.   Ducts, taking air from this point, for any purpose other than brake cooling are not permitted. - not carried.

TP3: Allow the use of 2 refuelling jugs per pit stop.  To be used consecutively, and in the same function manner design and type as existing regs. - carried.

As a club, we are exploring as many avenues as possible to keep 2CV racing as a thriving, cost effective series but there may be some challenges for the coming season. We ask for your understanding and that you do your part to making 2024 as smooth sailing and as succesful as possible and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.
Blueberry Tart ;)